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Don't mind this, this is just me keeping track of MY CHILDHOOD the books that I am in the process of collecting from this particular series which is MY CHILDHOOD

Teen Power Inc Books )
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I have just discovered Glyphics, a Chrome extension that lets you create a right-click menu from which you can add symbols and letters. But the part that makes it really useful is that rather than picking from a gigantic pre-made set, you essentially customise it yourself. And, even better, it's possible to add in strings - like HTML. If there's some code that you find yourself using all the time, this add-on will let you access it easily each time.

Unfortunately, it's kinda tricky to figure out how to set up. So to help people figure out how the hell to use it, I am writing this tutorial!

(For Firefox users, an add-on that will do the same thing can be found here. It's not associated with Glyphics in any way though, so you won't need this tutorial)

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With many of the changes LJ has been making recently, it is no longer a site that I wish to support. As such, I am moving to Dreamwidth - my journal there is [personal profile] blue_rampion (surprise surprise), and everyone here is welcome to go and add me over there!

As I am a mod of [ profile] animorphs, I won't be shutting down this journal entirely. I love that community too much, and the people there are worth all of the crap that LJ might throw at us. So I'll still be around there - just no where else. (It looks like both of my rp games will probably be moving, so I'll no longer be rping on LJ either.)

And for those who are interested in my graphics, my graphics journal [ profile] cindergraphics has also been moved to both Dreamwidth and InsaneJournal.
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And since it is Christmas, I'm going to tell a story of my family and Christmas trees.

When I was younger and my family still lived in Melbourne, we didn't have a plastic Christmas tree. We had a live Christmas tree. Not a live one that had just been cut down - a real, live, Christmas tree that lived in a pot. Including the pot it was about four feet high, and it was the most pathetic looking Christmas tree in the history of Christmas trees. All it's branches were rather bare and it permanently looked like it was half dead.

But it was our Christmas tree. And each Christmas we would decorate it in the traditional manner - namely, by putting on every single bit of Christmas decorations that we had onto it, even though this thing was only four feet high. We would have so much on it that you literally could not see the tree for the tinsel, and to this day I continue to have the firm belief that if you can see the tree at all once you've decorated it, you haven't done it right.

Alas, once we moved interstate we couldn't take the tree with us. So we had to say goodbye to our potted Christmas tree, and Mum ended up buying a giant plastic monstrosity instead. Sure, it had lots of plastic leaves and didn't look completely pathetic, but it didn't have the same charm. Plus, because it was so large we couldn't completely cover it with our decorations, so it couldn't even be decorated right.

This Christmas though, my brother bought us another potted Christmas tree! It's tiny and completely adorable, and much much better than the plastic tree. And so, I shall now share with you our new Christmas tree:

Tree Pictures! )
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Wow, it has been a seriously long time since I made a journal post. Well, to be specific since I made an actual journal post that was viewable, since lately I seem to be using this mostly to post random private notes to myself. And making lists. And keeping random bits of coding handy.

But I ended up clicking at random on the rping tag and reading some of my old entries, and it was like a strange kind of memory lane thing, so! Since I now feel like rambling on about rp, shall.

Overall right now I am doing hardly any rp because it is Assignments of Doom time at uni, but hopefully I'll be able to do more once semester ends and I fly back home for summer. Currently, I'm playing Marco from Animorphs, Daja Kisubo from Circle of Magic, and Princess Celestia from My Little pony over at [ profile] trans_9, but I will probably be dropping Celestia soon, since I've kinda lost my direction for her.

I'm also on hunt for another game. T9 is fun, but it's also a prose game and after having had T9 as my only game for a while now, I've gotten a bit burnt out on logs. I've always liked to have variety in my rping (it's one reason why I tend to pick up characters that are different from each other), so I'm looking for a commentspam game that can balance things out. That, and I've seriously missed playing Aladdin and Merlin lately, and have been itching to rp them again.

As yet though, I have no idea where I will end up. For a while there I was pretty set on going back to [ profile] soul_campaign - hey, there's that nostalgia thing again, and SC was a game I seriously loved being in - but rl being so busy lately has made me very unsure about whether or not I can keep up with a game as large and as fast as SC, especially while I'm also juggling T9. A smaller, slower paced game really would be the smarter option, if I can find one that pings me. I'll be posting to [ profile] app_this_plz this weekend, so hopefully I'll get some good suggestions.

And now I have successfully rambled on for a bit. Huzzah!
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(aka "WTF How the Bloody Hell is This Stuff Supposed to Work Anyway?!")

Since the BBC tv series Merlin is about...well...Merlin, magic is naturally an important part of the universe. But unfortunately, we don't have a handy magic book or our own that explains the rules of magic - how it works, what's involved in the process, and what exactly it can do. This is complicated by inconsistencies in the series itself, and the fact that we have a character who is categorically stated to be "different". In fact, the most realistic explanation for all of the magic we see in the series is "the writers hate continuity." But, particularly for the sake of things like fanfiction and roleplaying, if we want to have anything resembling a coherent theory of magic we have to watch the show closely and try to come up with it ourselves.

And, since I evidently am insane and have way too much time on my hands, I will attempt to try. To make this analysis, I will be relying on two sources - [ profile] archaeologist_d's List of Spell Translations and my List of Magic Performed. I will also, of course, be using the show itself and what the narrative tells us about magic.

This post contains spoilers for Merlin Seasons 1-3, so please be warned!

Warning: Spoilers for Seasons 1-3 )
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Because I clearly have nothing better to do with my time, I've made a list of all the instances of magic being used in the BBC's Merlin. (I've also written up an Analysis of Magic, which I plan to post soonish.) Items are organised by the following:

For the most part, I've tried to group spells together - for example, anything that involves moving an object is classified as "Telekinesis", regardless of what is being moved. A particular kind of spell may have two listings under a caster if it's used both with and without incantations.

Please note that this is by no means a definitive list - some spells were tricky to classify, and sometimes it was particularly difficult to identify just exactly what a spell was meant to do. It's also entirely possible that I have missed some instances of magic use. It also contains spoilers for Seasons 1-3 of Merlin.

A List of Magic: Spoilers for Seasons 1-3 )
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This post has no purpose. I just wish to use this icon, which I have finally uploaded. ALL OF YOU. ADMIRE IT.
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So! In the interests of excessive listmaking, I have sorted out my lists of Pokemon into separate entries for each game. And, to make this neater, this post is just going to link everything together and such.

Anyways, the lists are:

Also, I am up for trading! I've managed to figure out how to connect my DS to my wireless, so I can trade without going on Epic Pokemon Trading Journeys now. So, feel free to comment to the posts and claim anything you might want. The only ones you can't claim are ones that are in BLUE, which are pokemon that I plan to keep, and ones that are in GREEN, which are pokemon that have already been promised to someone.

(Just a note: At the moment I can't trade stuff from Emerald, LeafGreen, or Sapphire, since I haven't got to the Pal Park in Diamond yet. But stuff can still be reserved and whatnot, and I'll trade them to you when I can.)

Last Updated: 25/5/10
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So, I have made a universal RP critique post. Because I haven't bothered making HMD's for the last few character journals I've made, and dammit making a new one each time is just too much effort. And I can't be stuffed. It's not like anyone ever uses the damn things.

Therefore! I will just have one crit post, and just link everyone else to it. Although I can't seem to figure out how the hell to turn on anon without turning on anon for my ENTIRE JOURNAL! ...which I am so not doing. At least I have managed screening. I think.

Though, I'm not really a fan on anon anyway. So I guess it's not that big a deal if I can't turn it on. (Cause really, in my personal opinion, crit from all of the awesome people out there that I rp with is that much more valuable than crit from anon, purely because it comes from someone I know and respect)
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Please comment here if you wish to leave any constructive criticism or comments on any of the characters I roleplay. (For a full list of who I play and where, see here.) Anon comments are enabled.

Thank you for your time.

Edit: I've switched to keeping my crit posts on my character journals instead (and anon is no longer enabled for this journal), so please head to the journal of whichever character you want to discuss to leave crit.
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So, it occurs to me that I should probably mention to every who's not part of [ profile] soul_campaign that I am now on Plurk. With the same name that I have for everything else, huzzah!

I'm still getting the hang of it, but I have yet to drop it like a hot potato like I did with twitter, far so good! XD

Anyways, if you want to friend, go ahead!


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